Hello, I'm a 17-year-old hobbyist programmer from Hungary who likes making games. I also like to write scripts for whatever crazy idea comes to my mind such as solving a word search puzzle, doing my grammar homework, or creating a program for my drone so it attacks people by flying into their faces.

Tools I use

I used GameMaker Studio 2 to code my games, but I switched to the Godot game engine which is free and open source. I highly recommend it. I publish my games to itch.io as well.

My scripts are written in python. The Deep Learning stuff is done with TensorFlow.

This site is made with my basic HTML and CSS knowledge and the Bootstrap 5 and Flask frameworks.


If you want to talk to me for some reason you can:
dm me on Twitter: @MilanVarady
or write an email: varady.misi@gmail.com