• If the Xcode Command Line Tools installation window doesn't appear, try installing it manually. To do this open the Terminal, located at /Applications/Utilities/, and paste this into it: xcode-select --install. A window will appear, follow the instructions. After the installation completes, reopen Applite and try the installation again.

  • If the installation fails you can try to install it manually. To do this, open the Terminal, located at /Applications/Utilities/, and paste this into it: /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL". At some point you will be prompted for your admin password. After the installation completes, reopen Applite and when asked if you have brew installed, select yes. From the list of path options, select Apple Silicon or Intel, depending on the type of Mac you have. There should be a green checkmark if you selected the correct option.

  • To add already installed apps to Applite, you must force install them. To do this, click on the little chevron next to the download button and select "Force Install". This will reinstall the application, you won't lose any associated settings or data.

  • This means that the brew executable couldn't be found, or it is damaged. You can try the following things to fix this:

    1. Check brew path in preferences.

      Go into preferences and in the Brew Executable Path section, check if the correct path is selected. If you are not using your own brew installation the first one (Applite's Installation) should be the correct option. If the selected path is correct there will be a green checkmark next to it. Relaunch the app for changes to take effect.

    2. Reinstall homebrew

      If the path is correct, but it still doesn't work, it is likely that the brew installation got damaged in some way. If you are a more experienced user try running brew doctor on the brew executable that is not working. Otherwise, you can reinstall brew. In the sidebar go to the Manage Homebrew section and click Reinstall Homebrew. This will reinstall the Homebrew installation installed by Applite separately into ~/Library/Application Support/Applite/homebrew.

      Beware! After reinstalling all currently installed applications will be unlinked from Applite. They won't be deleted, but you won't be able to update and uninstall them through Applite.

  • Pinentry is the tool used to securely request the admin password from the user. The password is needed because some applications require it to complete the installation. Most applications can be installed without Pinentry. Applite will try to install Pinentry every time you open Applite or try to download an application that has a .pkg installer.

    If you keep getting this error, you can try to install Pinentry manually. Open the Terminal. And paste this into it:

    export PATH="$PATH:$HOME/Library/Application Support/Applite/homebrew/bin"; /usr/bin/env brew install pinentry-mac

    Press Enter to run it. This will attempt to install Pinentry manually.